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Who Is Expand Communications?

We're basically unbiased Technology Consultants.  However, we're not your typical IT consulting organization as we implement the solutions we design and recommend.

We offer expertise in the areas of:  On-Premise Business Class SIP based IP phone systems (SIP PBX), Hosted IP phone systems and services, Internet services, Telephone services and much more.  Based in Franklin WI, we've been providing nationwide installation and consulting services since 1996.


We're customer obsessed, as our core philosophy is to measure twice and cut once. We deliver cost effective reliable technologies and work hard for our clients' best interests.

Technology can be complex and very confusing.  Navigating your way through all of the technology options available within the marketplace today can be a tedious task to say the least.  Having a technology partner, you can depend on is essential.

Technology experts with the ability to design IT solutions

             AND the "Tech Savvy" to install and deliver complete solutions...

We have the experience and have partnered with only the best product manufacturers  and service providers in the business.

Upgrade your phone system


Isn't it time for a

New Phone System?

      What did you say?

     I said your Grandma called and she wants her OLD Phone System Back !!

3 cups


3 cups


2 tsp.


1 cup


2 tsp.


2 tbsp.


1½ cups


By combining the right ingredients, your businesses technology will taste


        oh so sweet...


Buy Internet Service

Internet & Phone Services

We specialize in providing Internet and Phone Service technology solutions for businesses of all sizes, in all industries and across the nation.  Our portfolio of over 40  leading carrier partners across the nation allow us to offer our clients the flexibility and freedom to find a wide mix of services that are right for their unique business. We provide an unbiased search for your Internet and Phone service needs with  absolutely no out of pocket costs.

Buy a phone system

Agent and Business


We provide our business partners with an opportunity to provide their clientele with unbiased expert advise while adding recurring revenues to their bottom line.

Buy a phone system

Hosted vs Buying

an IP Phone System?

Not all Hosted Phone Service providers are the same. Some provide reliable and solid communication services but lack the customer service you expect. Others provide great customer service but the technology is spotty at best.  Most do not take the time to ensure your network environment is VoIP ready and constant problems persist after installation. We can help you make the right choices to ensure a successful deployment. We have hands on experience and have learned over the years which providers you'll want to do business with, and which ones to stay away from.


Not all IP SIP Based telephone systems are the same.  Some require certification courses in order to administer them.  Most are not very user friendly and require business owners to pay for every user or system change needed.  There are many hidden costs to buying a phone system you should be aware of; such as costs associated with keeping your new IP systems' software up-to-date and thus supportable.


Cost of ownership is often over looked.  These costs are costs we can help you uncover.  We provide full disclosure and can help you determine whether buying a new system or going with a hosted solution makes good financial and technology sense for your company.

Data Cabling

Structured Cabling

Many companies who provide IP Telephone systems and Telephone services do not think about, nor provide the structured cabling that's required to provide consistent quality phone services. Most business owners do not realize that their cabling infrastructure is in fact the backbone of their entire network. Investing in your offices voice and data cabling is a wise investment to ensure high speed reliable computing and telephone services.  We can design and provide onsite cabling services. 


You wouldn't drive your car down a pot-hole riddled road at 100 miles an hour because you know you’d crash. You’ll also not want to make multiple pit stops along the way as this would lengthen your trip. The same holds true for your voice and data traffic.

Don't Venture Out Alone


and by all means don't call the phone company directly!

Partner with an Independent IT Expert



What's the right technology choice for your business?


Technology is no longer cookie cutter...

Helping you find the right IT solutions is what we do


We Do It Well !

Buy a phone system

2. Internet and Phone Services

-What does you company need and want?

Buy a phone system

3. Structured Cabling

-Why do I need data cabling?

1. IP Telephone Systems

-Buy or go Hosted?

-Unified Communications?


Having trouble deciding on what solution, and or what provider is best suited for your buisness?

Buy a phone sytem



                    HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT THE MOST !

​Relocation Services (Are you moving?):

Moving your business provides an opportunity for advancement within your IT infrastructure.

Let us help you navigate through your particular options.


New Office Locations:

Opening a new office location can be a time consuming tedious task no doubt.  We can help you manage and coordinate your IT needs, so you can focus on your business needs.

Office Remodeling / Additions:

Remodeling and Additions can also provide many opportunities to improve your IT infrastructure.

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