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With so many technology options within the marketplace combined with so many different Telephone Service providers how do you choose the correct technology and provider that's right for your business?  We can help you! As industry agents we can provide you with years of experience buying as well as implementing a wide range of traditional and VoIP/SIP telephone services. Not all technologies and services are right for your company, and that's where we can provide our expertise and value add. We also do this free of charge for our clients as we're compensated for the sale by the provider.  Since we sell services for practically all carriers, we can provide an unbiased recommendation. Let us do the shopping for you.  Why spend countless hours of your time stating your needs to several different sales people when you can explain it once to an independent agent and use this agents experience?

We have expertise in the following Voice Technologies:

Hosted SIP Service (Most often found accompanying Hosted System Services)

SIP Trunk Service (Session Initiated Protocol)

PRI Service (Primary Rate Interface)

Analog Trunk and Line Service (Often Referred to as POTS Lines - Plain Old Telephone Service delivered over copper lines)

VoIP Analog Lines (Not the same as POTS Lines as these are delivered over an Internet Connection)

MPLS Services (Multi-Protocol Layered Services)

T1 Service (Very Low Bandwidth 1.5Mb x 1.5Mb)

Point to Point Services (Traditionally provided via T1 Line service)

SDN Services

There are 2 types of Phone Service Buyers: Those that know what they need and want and those who do not.  We can help both types of buyers.  Those who know technology and exactly what their company needs are in fact the hardest buyers to work with.  However, what most of these types of buyers neglect to realize is the value add a technology consultant can provide as this is what we do day in and day out. We can provide insight into ordering, uncover promotional costs not always offered by direct agents, implementation needs and much more.


When you buy Internet Services directly from a carrier, the salesman will only be able to help you with that particular carrier's service offering.  Of course, they'll tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear and they do not have your best interests in mind. Direct Carrier sales agents have quota's they need to make each and every month in order to keep their jobs and also make a living. These professionals are placed into a morally unacceptable dilemma; help the customer or make a sale.  Unfortunately, these seasoned professionals know all the tricks to acquire your signature and commitment to their services. Be wary of direct sales agents as they can't help themselves and the companies they work for will not allow them to "do the right thing for the client." It's all about making sales.

Work with an independent unbiased agent who can provide all the puzzle pieces you need in order to acquire a solid solution that's right for your business.


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