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Our Clients

What Can We Say About Our Clients


Well first off, we would like to say thank you.  Thank you to over 2,000 clients in 20 years who have partnered with our company and which have allowed us to bring reliable cost effective advanced voice solutions into their businesses.


We of course appreciate the long lasting relationships we've been so lucky to accomplish. Since we consider our business a relationship-based business, we consider ourselves relationship experts and strive to become more than just another "clients vendor," rather a trusted business partner.  Building relationships is what we love doing and it’s what we’re good at.

Our clients range from small to medium sized businesses.  We remain focused on technologies our clients need and ask for.

Since we're unable to list all of our clients, we've chosen not to list any. Please feel free to inquire with us for referrals as we can abosulutely provide referrals...

Our Business Partners

What Can We Say About Our Business Partners


We'd also like to thank our business partners who have placed their trust in us.  We've earned the trust of many businesses across the country by building long-term rock solid relationships based solely on "delivering what we've promised to deliver."   Deciding to partner with Expand Communications is a win-win proposition as we take pride in each and every opportunity that comes our way.  Our business is built on these relationships and we know it.


We partner with several Managed IT Providers, Real Estate Companies, Property Management Companies, Internet Providers, Telephone Service Providers and many technology manufacturers. Our business partners have learned that referring a technology provider to their clients can damage their relationships if the partner does not provide quality services and products. Businesses MUST be very picky and absolutely sure who they refer to their client base.  That's where we shine! 

We have built a network of reliable business partners who have not only helped us succeed, but where we have been able to help them succeed. If you own a business and would like to investigate partnering, please contact David Scot directly at 414-550-4566 or by email at:

A WIN-WIN recipe!


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